Our company’s name is Senrosa Global Ventures and we are a major distributor of health products manufactured by Eternal International, the renowned Chinese multinational company established in Nigeria in 2013 and reputed for quality high-tech massagers, dietary supplements, organic herbal teas, and home & personal care products. 

  • We operate an online store for the sale of Eternal International healthcare and wellness products at unbeatable prices.
  • We are engaged in network marketing of these quality products and help prospective distributors to process their registration.
  • We also help registered distributors to develop their capacity to create wealth and enjoy financial freedom through regular training/seminars. Please note that the training you’ll get from us will be tailored to boost your chances to achieve success in record time.

We perform several other tasks relating to the business of wealth and health promotion.



Eternal International is a Chinese multinational firm founded in 2001 and established in Nigeria in 2013. It is a famous multinational direct net-working and marketing organization committed to providing high-quality healthcare products for international customers and to spreading the concept of health and wealth. The company, which was co-founded by Mr. Zhang and Mr. Gong, also provides cross-border medical services in some countries.

Its principal business is the production and distribution of dietary supplements, health teas, massagers & health equipment, personal & home care products, and cosmetics. Eternal International distributes its products through a network of committed distributors in many countries. With all these, it is able to create direct, indirect, and self-employment opportunities for millions of people worldwide, thereby uplifting their financial and health status.

Managing Director, Gong

Eternal International is equipped with modern production equipment, high-quality production management, and technical staff and introduces a comprehensive industrial automation and control system to the processes of production. Adhering to rigorous scientific approaches and innovations of modern advanced technology, Eternal carefully produces health products of high quality in the production processes.

GCAT Eternal International multinational management system is headquartered in the world-renowned “China Commodity City”-Yiwu, which is geographically located in Shanghai, China, the Product R & D Centre characterized by a world-class multinational management team and independent intellectual property rights. Eternal International has spread its operations, scattering its high-quality industries throughout a number of countries and regions in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Asia, South America, and Africa, including Nigeria.

Eternal has built its own value on HEALTH, WEALTH, PEACE, AND LOVE.

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