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This business is for those who are tired of being broke or just want to have another stream of income

GCAT Eternal International is a Chinese multi-level marketing company that offers a unique way for us to live in good health, help others with their health challenges, and earn amazing income.


What Are Your Goals This Year?

  • Are you looking for extra income this year?
  • Are you looking to build or complete your house this year?
  • Are you looking to put your children in the best schools?
  • Are you looking for a business that is stable, lucrative, and financially rewarding?
  • Are you fed up with looking for a job or getting a poor salary and you want to make a major leap forward?
  • Do you want to have the financial freedom to buy whatever you like, solve your money problems, take vacations to countries of your choice, and make wise investments?

If your answer to any or all of the questions above is “YES”, then the GCAT Eternal International business opportunity is what you need. The company gives you the platform through which you can live your dreams!

What is Multi-Level Marketing Business Model (Network Marketing)

There are a lot of misconceptions about network marketing that have kept many people from taking advantage of its many benefits. But network marketing has been proven to be the most lucrative and rewarding business model in the world today. It has empowered millions of people around the world. Many people who had nothing before now have built enormous wealth from network marketing, far beyond their dreams. Their lives have been transformed.

It is therefore laughable when people say they don’t like or cannot do network marketing when all they do in their daily interactions with people is in the realm of network marketing. Oh Yes!

Take For Instance……

Your friend tells you she has a toothache and you recommend a particular brand of toothpaste that you have used and found to be effective against toothache. Your friend goes out to buy the toothpaste and she was relieved of the toothache after some days of regular use. She has since recommended the toothpaste to other people and families.

What you and your friend have done is simply network marketing. The only difference is that neither of you got paid for using or recommending the product to others. In our daily interactions with family members, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, acquaintances, association/union members, and even strangers, we recommend products and services on a regular basis. We provide information that people need on a regular basis without getting paid. However, when you do these things for a direct marketing firm, you get paid direct and indirect bonuses aside from sales profit.

Chinese GCAT Eternal staff in China

GCAT Eternal International Business Model

Buying and selling is the first business in the world and indeed every other business in the world today revolves around it. Eternal International has adopted this ancient business into its unique multi-level marketing model, thus creating business opportunities for Nigerians and millions of people around the world. Many people have been tremendously empowered by this company because empowering people is at the core of its business.

It is therefore a wise decision to join Eternal International as a distributor.

  • You get paid anytime you introduce their products to someone
  • You get paid when that person you introduced the company to buys the products
  • You also get paid when that person introduces another person who also purchases some products.
  • There is no limit to your earnings once you get registered as a distributor


Who Can Be A Distributor?

  • Anyone who desires to live a comfortable life in good health
  • Anyone who is passionate about helping people to solve their health problems
  • The employed who desire to have an additional source of income
  • The unemployed and underemployed who desire to turn their lives around
  • Students and youth corps members who want to build up capital for future business
  • Job seekers/applicants who desire to be successful
  • Full-time homemakers who want to make extra cash
  • Those who have lost their jobs and want to get their lives back on track
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business interests
Car Award Winners

Benefits of Joining GCAT Eternal International

  • Low cash start-up (Having low capital is not a barrier. In fact, if you have a burning desire to join the business but you have no capital at all, our SENROSA TEAM can give you a free account to commence the business)
  • Opportunity to get a brand-new Hyundai Jeep
  • Daily bonus payment for life (Payment is made every day and you can earn a total of 6 – 7 figures monthly)
  • One-time product purchase/registration
  • Fully sponsored trip to a foreign country (USA, UK, China, Malaysia, Dubai)
  • Fully sponsored pilgrimage to Jerusalem or Mecca
  • Repeat product purchase is not compulsory (Please note that after your initial product purchase during registration, it is not compulsory for you to buy again in order to enjoy the many benefits the company has to offer).
  • Access to free Online Shopping Mall where you can purchase household items at half the price
  • No autoship; No flushing of points
  • Opportunity to impact others health-wise and financially
  • A chance to grow your wealth and never go broke
  • Unending promos and awards
  • Most importantly, you can transfer the business/your account to your children or family (In the regular jobs, your child cannot inherit your job when you retire. This is not the case here because your children can inherit your account and continue to reap whatever benefits accrue to it).
Distributors on an excursion

How to Make Money With GCAT Eternal International

Eternal International has a lot of health products (Supplements, Electronic Massagers, and Herbal Teas) that can be used to solve a lot of health problems like High blood pressure, Infertility, Diabetes, Obesity, Eye problems, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Stroke, Ulcer, Cancer, Body pain, Malaria, Typhoid, Stomach ache, Skin problems, and many other health challenges. It also has household and personal care products that can be used to maintain good health.

  1. You can make money by helping people to solve their health problems by introducing these products to them.
  2. You can also make money by helping people to solve their financial problems by introducing the Eternal International business to them.

No. You don’t have to go about the streets hawking products because you can adopt strategic methods to achieve your goals. You can achieve this without leaving your home or office. If you have family members, friends, social media networks, office colleagues, club members, business associates, clients, neighbours, and acquaintances, etc., you are good to go. You can begin to make money when you introduce the products to them to solve their health issues. You can also encourage them to tell others about it. You also make money when they get people to join the business or buy products.


  • There are only FIVE (5) Levels and you can get to the last level in record time.
  • It is only a one-time purchase. You don’t have to continue buying products after your initial purchase at registration if you don’t want to.
  • The company’s new business opportunity guarantees you huge bonuses and fantastic awards like brand new Hyundai Jeep, cash incentives, and an incentive trip to one of these countries (Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, China, Malaysia, Dubai, USA, UK.
  • GCAT Eternal pays the highest bonus in the industry today.
  • Teamwork is guaranteed. This new Eternal International Business Plan is unbeatable and the good news is that you are not going to work alone. As a team, we support one another with downlines. There’s a limit to what you can achieve if you rely on your efforts alone but there’s no limit to what you can achieve if you leverage teamwork.

Join now and start earning immediately.


The Senrosa Team

The Senrosa team is made up of committed and hardworking GCAT Eternal International distributors who work individually and collectively as a team to boost our businesses and gain financial empowerment. When we started, we thought it would be very difficult, but with team spirit, we have achieved a lot and our lives have been transformed tremendously.

GCAT Eternal International is using its sustainable business model to financially empower people in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Join today and witness the transformation of your finances, health, and lifestyle.


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