Who We Are


We are Senrosa Global Ventures, distributors of healthcare products manufactured by GCAT Eternal International, the renowned Chinese multinational company established in 2006 and reputed for quality high-tech massagers, dietary supplements, organic herbal teas, health devices, cosmetics, household equipment, and personal care products, among others.


Gingko tea, Gyrophora tea, Hugan tea, Milk Calcium, Slimming tea, Prune fruits, Seal Oil Capsule, Fish Oil Capsule, Energy Cup for alkaline water, Oligosaccharide Powder, Eyecare Massager, Electronic Pulse Massager, VIP Massager, Toothpaste, Foot Massager, Automatic Cooking Machine, Perfumes, Panty Liners, Bathing Soaps, etc.

What We Do

  • We operate an online store where people can buy all the GCAT Eternal International healthcare and wellness products—herbal teas, supplements, household products, dental & personal care products, health devices, and high-tech massagers—at unbeatable prices.
  • We are engaged in network marketing of high-quality health & wellness products manufactured by GCAT Eternal International.
  • We help those who want to become GCAT Eternal International distributors to process their registration.
  • We help registered distributors to develop their capacity to create wealth and enjoy financial freedom through regular training/seminars.
  • We perform several other tasks relating to the business of health and wealth.


Mr. Gong, Founder, GCAT Eternal International

GCAT Eternal International is a Chinese multinational firm founded in 2001 and established in Nigeria in 2013. It is a famous multinational direct net-working and marketing organization committed to providing high-quality healthcare products for international customers and to spreading the concept of health and wealth. The company, which was co-founded by Mr. Zhang and Mr. Gong, also provides cross-border medical services in some countries.

Its principal business is the production and distribution of dietary supplements, health teas, massagers & health equipment, personal & home care products, and cosmetics. GCAT Eternal International distributes its products through a network of committed distributors in many countries. It creates direct, indirect, and self-employment opportunities for millions of people worldwide, thereby uplifting their financial and health status.

GCAT Eternal International is equipped with modern production equipment, high-quality production management, and technical staff and introduces a comprehensive industrial automation and control system to the processes of production. Adhering to rigorous scientific approaches and innovations of modern advanced technology, GCAT Eternal carefully produces health products of high quality in the production processes.

Distributors at the Lagos office



GCAT Eternal International’s headquarters is based in Shanghai, China. It also owns and manages branches in many countries around the world, including Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Congo, Zambia, Ghana, Brazil, and Tanzania, among others. It owns and operates the China Fuyuan Hospital, which is the largest comprehensive multinational hospital located in Angolan’s capital, Luanda City.

GCAT Eternal has built its own value on HEALTH, WEALTH, PEACE, AND LOVE.

Be a distributor of GCAT Eternal International and experience a new life.


Distributors on a trip to China

MD and staff of Eternal at the headquarters in China

10 Frequently-Asked Questions

 How much is the registration fee?

Registration is free but for you to be recognized as a distributor, you must buy products.

Can I register more than five people directly under me?

Yes, you can register more than five, but you need only five to meet you on a level for you to move to the next.

If I register now, when will I start earning?

You will start earning a bonus immediately you refer someone. You will also earn an indirect bonus from whoever they refer.

Is it possible for me to upgrade after registration?

Yes, you can upgrade to any entry-level of your choice by buying products worth the amount indicated for that level. For instance, if you are on Level one and you want to upgrade to Level 3, you will buy products worth ₦400,000.

Will I be paid weekly or monthly?

The company pays daily into your wallet and you can withdraw the money into your bank account in three days or any time after that.

How many levels are there and do I need to refer people to move from one level to another?

Every business needs people to grow. You need to refer people if you desire rapid growth in this network. However, you can also buy products to fill up the gap and move up the ladder too.

What is my duty in the team?

Your major duty is to refer as many people as you can and encourage those you have referred to also do the same thing. In that way, every member of the team will be moving forward to the final level five where you will be qualified for a brand new jeep, embark on an all-expense-paid foreign trip, and earn more cash, among many other incentives.

I do not reside in Lagos; can I still register?

GCAT Eternal is an online product network. Download the Eternal app/ link on your phone. This enables you to register new people from any location. You can also do many other things from the App, such as withdrawal of your bonus, shopping from GCAT e-Mall, access your back office records, etc.

Also, the company has Agents/Stockists, and coordinators in many States. Once you are a registered member, we will direct you to any coordinator closer to you where you can pick up your products. Distance is not a barrier.

Can I register someone who resides in another country?

Yes, you can. 

Why Should I join GCAT Eternal business?

To gain financial and time freedom, enjoy good health, build an additional source of income, get a brand-new jeep, prepare your retirement while young, travel around the world, have access to quality healthcare and wellness products, and many other amazing benefits.