Join GCAT Eternal International Business  

Congratulations on taking this vital step to join GCAT Eternal International as a distributor. There is no limit to your success once you partner with GCAT Eternal International. Whether you are a professional, businessman or woman, housewife, employee, employer, underemployed, job-seeker, NYSC, or student, the company offers you an opportunity to grow your income and live a comfortable life in excellent health.

Eternal distributors at the Lagos office

So, if you are looking for a business that guarantees financial stability or you are looking for a major or extra income, resources to build your house and put your children in one of the best schools, or simply financial freedom to travel around the world and live a great life, then this business is for you. If you are fed up with looking for a job, this business is also for you. GCAT Eternal International allows you to be your own boss and an employer of labour. The company’s compensation plan is second to none in the industry.

Apart from making you a successful distributor of quality healthcare products, GCAT Eternal International offers you the privilege to be an importer of various items without going through the hassles of importation. Yes! the company has an online shopping mall where distributors can buy items like electronics, wristwatches, men’s suits, shoes, ladies’ clothes, triple-action toothpaste, herbal sanitary panty liners, amongst others, at half the price.

GCAT Eternal International Business Model

The company has adopted a unique multi-level marketing model that creates business opportunities to empower Nigerians and millions of people around the world because empowering people is at the core of their business.  

Eternal Products for Health & Wealth

Eternal International is committed to the concepts of health and wealth and drives these using its quality healthcare and wellness products, which include, electronic massagers, herbal tea, supplements, health devices, and personal care products.

Eternal Products

The products are for curative and preventive purposes and can tackle various diseases and health issues, including High blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Eye problems, Fibroid, Low sperm count, Impotency, Infertility, Premature ejaculation, Fallopian tube blockage, Ovarian cyst,  Rheumatism, Arthritis, Asthma,  Stroke, Ulcer, Cancer, Prostate,  Body pain, Malaria, Typhoid, Stomach ache, Pile, Kidney & Liver disease, Skin problems, and many other health challenges.



Registration is FREE but you must buy products to activate your account and be recognized as a distributor of GCAT Eternal International. 

There are three categories of registration. You can register as:



Benefits of Membership

  • Low cash start-up 
  • Opportunity to get a brand-new Hyundai Jeep
  • Daily bonus payment for life (Payment is made every day and you can earn a total of 6 – 7 figures monthly)
  • One-time product purchase/registration
  • Fully sponsored trip to a foreign country (USA, UK, China, Malaysia, Dubai)
  • Fully sponsored pilgrimage to Jerusalem or Mecca
  • Repeat product purchase after registration is not compulsory 
  • Access to a free Online Shopping Mall where you can purchase items at half the price
  • No auto-ship; No flushing of points
  • Opportunity to impact others health-wise and financially
  • A chance to grow your wealth and never go broke
  • Unending promos and awards
  • Most importantly, you can transfer the business/your account to your children or family (In the regular jobs, your child cannot inherit your job when you retire. This is not the case here because your children can inherit your account and continue to reap whatever benefits accrue to it).

Who Can Be A Distributor?

  • Anyone who desires to live a comfortable life in good health
  • Anyone passionate about helping people to solve their health problems
  • The employed who desire to have an additional source of income
  • The unemployed and underemployed who desire to turn their lives around
  • Students and youth corps members who want to build up capital for future business
  • Job seekers/applicants who desire to be successful
  • Full-time homemakers who want to make extra cash
  • Those who have lost their jobs and want to get their lives back on track
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business interests


Dubai trip awardees

Car award winners

Eternal MD with distributors on a tour of the headquarters in China 

On a foreign trip

Excursion time at Badagry, Lagos

Eternal staff in China