GCAT Eternal business is for all, whether you are a businessman/woman, housewife, employer, employee, unemployed, underemployed, job seeker, NYSC,  student, etc.

It is for those who want to be financially independent, those who want to have an additional stream of income, those who are tired of being broke, and those who want to have a Plan B or backup plan.

It is for those whose salaries and wages are insufficient to meet their needs and those who desire to be entrepreneurs. It is for those who want to be their own BOSS and earning good income for life.

What Are Your Goals?

  • Do you want to be financially independent?
  • Are you looking to build or complete your house?
  • Are you looking to put your children in the best schools?
  • Do you desire to have a brand new car but you don’t have the money?
  • Are you looking for a business that is stable, lucrative, and financially rewarding?
  • Are you fed up with looking for a job or getting a poor salary?
  • Do you want to have enough money to solve your money problems, take vacations to countries of your choice, and make wise investments?
  • Are you currently employed and you desire to have a Plan B or backup plan that will guarantee you a comfortable retirement?

If your answer to any or all of the questions above is “YES”, then the GCAT Eternal International business opportunity is what you need. The company gives you the platform through which you can live your dreams!


GCAT Eternal is a direct marketing health and wellness company with headquarters in China and branches in many countries across the world, including Nigeria. It is a Chinese multi-level marketing company reputed for quality products. It also offers a unique way for people to live in good health, help others with their health challenges, and earn massive income and other amazing benefits to infinity.

GCAT Eternal International has a lot of highly efficacious health products (Supplements, Electronic Massagers, Health Devices, Herbal Teas, Household Products, Beauty and Personal Care Products) that can be used to solve a lot of health and beauty problems like High blood pressure, Infertility, Diabetes, Obesity, Eye problems, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Stroke, Ulcer, Cancer, Body pain, Malaria, Typhoid, Stomach ache, Skin problems, and many other health challenges. 

GCAT Eternal Business Model

GCAT Eternal’s unique multi-level marketing model creates business opportunities for Nigerians and millions of other people around the world.

As a distributor or partner, you have the opportunity to earn regular income, enjoy foreign trips with all expenses paid, and be awarded with a brand new jeep, among many other benefits. 

There is no limit to these earnings and benefits once you get registered as a distributor. In fact, you can transfer your account in the company to your children or spouse if you so desire and they will continue to receive all the benefits accruing to it. In regular jobs, you cannot transfer your job to your child when you retire.

Who Can Be A Distributor?

Some distributors on excursion

Some GCAT staff in China

  • Anyone who desires to live a comfortable life in good health
  • Anyone who is passionate about helping people to solve their health problems
  • The employed who desire to have an additional source of income
  • The unemployed and underemployed who desire to turn their lives around
  • Students and youth corps members who want to build up capital for future business
  • Job seekers/applicants who desire to be successful
  • Full-time homemakers who want to make extra cash
  • Those who have lost their jobs and want to get their lives back on track
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business interests
  • Retirees who want to earn good income and enjoy the benefits of good health
  • Anyone who wants to be a business owner
  • Anyone who wants to make good money, enjoy free international trips, get brand new jeeps, and live a stress-free life

Benefits of Joining GCAT Eternal International

  • Low cash start-up 
  • A brand-new Hyundai Jeep at Level 5
  • Daily bonus payment to infinity and you can earn  6 – 7 figures monthly
  • One-time product purchase/registration; Repeat purchase not compulsory
  • Fully sponsored trip to a foreign country (USA, UK, China, Malaysia, Dubai or pilgrimage to Jerusalem/Mecca 
  • No autoship; No flushing of points
  • Access to free Online Shopping Mall where you can purchase household and other items at half the price
  • A chance to grow your wealth and never be broke
  • Most importantly, you can transfer the business to your children or spouse (In the regular jobs, your child or spouse cannot inherit your job when you retire. In GCAT Eternal they can inherit your account and continue to be paid the bonuses and other benefits that accrue to the account.

Car Award Winners

How to Make Money With GCAT Eternal 

When you refer you get paid immediately.

When your upline sponsors any person under you, you get paid.

When your downline refers, you get paid.

When your team people refer, you get paid.

You grow in rank from 1 – 5 and enjoy more money to infinity.

You get paid on retail order, leadership bonus, etc.

In GCAT Eternal, you can receive payment alerts on a daily basis.


  • There are only FIVE (5) Levels in this business model and you can get to the last level in record time.
  • It is only a one-time purchase that is required to be a distributor. Repeat purchase is not mandatory.
  • The company’s new business opportunity guarantees you huge bonuses and fantastic awards like brand new Hyundai Jeep, cash incentives, and an incentive trip to one of these countries (Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, China, Malaysia, Dubai, USA, UK.
  • GCAT Eternal pays the highest bonus in the industry
  • The business guarantees peace of mind and comfortable living.

Foreign Trip Winners

  • GCAT Eternal  Business Plan is unbeatable and the good news is that you are not going to work alone. 


GCAT Eternal is using its sustainable business model to financially empower people in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. The company can rapidly transform your finances, health, and lifestyle as it has transformed many ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires.